A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
Tested on Windows XP Pro SP3 and Windows 7 Integrale SP1.
On Vista and 7 turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

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26 April 2011

Graphic editor without installation.
Download Portable Photoshop CS5.1 (75.8 MB)
(md5: 00e25fcc4000de3bb2af71a68eedadd5)
Include Camera Raw plug-in
32 bit but 64 bit compatible

Included optional plug-ins and presets and Camera Raw 5.5.
Download Portable Photoshop CS4 (59.5 MB)
(md5: ba63bb420f9085767d0c838ff4e9445f)

Extract and run Photoshop*Portable. Settings created in Data.
Don't run at the same time of another Adobe product or if you have Photoshop installed!

39 commentaires:

ricky orlando said...

this application doesnt run anymore in my pc, what should i do?

Bernat said...

CS4 or CS5?

Do you see splash? message?

ricky orlando said...

cs 5

no, it just no respon

ricky orlando said...


when i double click it
the cursor show loading then nothing happen

Bernat said...

Perhaps installer on exoshare is corrupted (md5 was f69d8f87741aa63446ff6393ebfc6ff3).
Recompiled and uploaded on RapidShare.

ricky orlando said...

sory i forget to tell this info before

this application work well in my pc before, but i dont know why it dont work anymore

Bernat said...

Try to delete Data folder

ricky orlando said...

it doesnt work too,
even i have reinstall it, include delete all the registries of this app

after i delete the data folder
then try to run photoshop cs 5 app
the data folder restored

Bernat said...

Try to launch with this debug launcher and tell me what display the last MessageBox before it frooze.

ricky orlando said...

debug launcher all done
but the app not work too

ricky orlando said...

the app not frooze but no response

Bernat said...

"all done"?
Is the last "Launch done"?
If so there is a perhaps a problem with your VC redist.
Dit you try on another computer?

Indonesia Merdeka said...

About Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6.
All version not perfect portable app.
Just remember you !
This launcher will delete NET Framework local library.
Delete this.
WHY NOT BACKUP with "-BackupByApp" ?

This will destroy the system.
Please, update your launcher.

Bernat said...

Nothing to fix.

Indonesia Merdeka said...

why ?

Bernat said...

Because nothing deleted if not copied.
Read sources in particular:
!macro vc::CopyLocal
!macro vc::DelLocal
in Launcher.nsh

Azure said...

@Bernat: you'r launcher are the best

Stuwee said...

Sir, first of all I would like to thank you for all the efforts you have done to help broke people like me. I am using of your cs5extended for quite sometime already until i needed to reinstall my xp for some reason. Now the problem is when I unpacked the cs5 on to my newly installed xp and clicked on the PS launcher, I got NSIS error. And yes I did cleaned my registry. Tried to install again, still get the same error message. I hope I can get this fixed. I really enjoy using your stuff. Thank you.

Bernat said...

If you used the installer actually down-loadable check the md5 (00e25fcc4000de3bb2af71a68eedadd5) with Total Commander for instance (File CRC).

You can also replace launcher (md5: cfaac3d329feadda91f6759272e8dd5c).

RacingTopsy said...

Can you help/tell me why, when editing something (without saving yet),CS5 fills up one of my harddrives?

I edited a skin for a game a few minutes ago, and before I saved it, my C drive had lost 1.4gb.
I started Cs5 from drive 'G' and saved the file to 'F', so that should note actually be an issue imo..

After closing Cs5, not all the hdd space comes back and remains 'lost'. I have no idea where it went, but I'm missing alteast 10gb..

Is this known? Is there some hidden folder that fills up?

Thanks a lot!

Bernat said...

Temp folder is normally in C:
On Windows 7:
Try to clean this folder.

maylene kim said...

where do you click to download cs5. i can't understand the language for the link provided. thank you

Bernat said...

Click on "Télécharger le fichier".
Close popup.

Michael Pacitto said...

I have a question
I received this from a friend, and didn't know that you can't launch this with other adobe products. Finally checked out this site to see the error of my ways.

SO going forward, if I want to have both photoshop and a legal copy of indesign on my computer, as long as I don't have them running at the same time, I should be okay?

Since I've already killed indesign, is a simple: 'reinstall and DONT TOUCH PHOTOSHOP while indesign is running' do the trick?

Anything else I need to be aware of? I will probably be getting creative cloud soon anyway... but right now I'm in a pinch.

Thank you for a wonderful app, that has really been a huge help!

Bernat said...

I think it will do the trick.

This is From A said...

thank you, its working for me c:
even it takes a long time to respond.

أيمن الهراغي said...

hi can i use cs5 portable version on xp OS

Bernat said...


embryo said...

I launch CS5 and everything is OK.
After that, I open the installed Photoshop 7.0 and all the settings are reseted.
How can I prevent CS5 from modifying local settnigs?

Bernat said...

Of course you must close CS5 portable before launching 7.0 installed.

embryo said...

I did closed it.
Of course ...
But the settings are reseted every time!

Bernat said...

CS5 portable backup-restore the entire key:

7.0 settings path is in:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Photoshop\7.0" "SettingsFilePath"
Search this path in registry: I will verify if CS5 portable backup-restore this folder.

embryo said...

I have 2 paths:
The second has only a Registration subfolder in it.
Nothing important changes here.

This is not the problem.
The problem is that it deletes the Adobe folder in the %AppData% folder and does not restores it.

Bernat said...

CS5 Portable backup-restore folders:
$APPDATA\Adobe (current and all)

I can't do more.

embryo said...

Well, thats the problem!
It does NOT restore them (on my system at least)
Its the $APPDATA\Adobe folder thats gets cleared.

Anyway, now that I found that,
I will just backup my settings and restore them with a batch.

Thanx for trying though...

Bernat said...

Check if there is a folder
If so delete or rename it.

embryo said...

Nope, unfortunately, nothing remains ...

Bernat said...

Try to force SettingsFilePath with a reg file with something like:


Create folders before and look if Settings is filled in and remain.

Mek said...

so i've been using cs5 for over two years and i've never had this problem. whenever i try to save something from the 'save for web and devices' option, i get an error saying 'operation could not be completed'. i tried looking for a solution online with no luck. does anyone know why it started happening now?

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