A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
Tested on Windows XP Pro SP3 and Windows 7 Integrale SP1.
On Vista and 7 turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

If you found dead links, search on Jooseng's Mirrors.

29 September 2012

Graphic editor without installation.
Download Portable Photoshop CS6 32 bit (96.3 MB)
(md5: 68d5bc23a84ef7ec7c74dab703ba01bd)
Included Camera Raw Plug-in 32 bit
Download Portable Photoshop CS6 64 bit (109 MB)
(md5: 95297c648e047e148e35b7979117de6e)
Included Camera Raw Plug-in 64 bit
Download Camera Raw Plug-in 32-64 bit Online (0.4 MB)
13.1.2 requires Windows 7 or later, download for XP
Download Portable Photoshop CS6 32 bit (92.6 MB)
(md5: 1ebede168f5d0abbe52f137154d58fcf)
Included Camera Raw Plug-in 32 bit
English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, SpanishInternational, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, PortugueseBR, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, SimpChinese, TradChinese)
32 bit and 64 bit have separate program folders but same launcher and same settings.

Language set by launcher according UserDefaultLang.
To change, edit PhotoshopCS6Portable.ini with Language="one of the extensions of tw10428 in App\PhotoshopCS6\Locales\en_US\Support Files" (Language="" for en_US).
You can add plug-ins in App\PhotoshopCS6\Plug-ins

Extract and run PhotoshopCS6Portable. Settings created in Data.
Don't run at the same time of another Adobe product or if you have Photoshop installed!

198 commentaires:

Lemarsman said...

Does it lack a lot of the features of the full version of Photoshop?

Lemarsman said...

Does it have most of the features of the full program?

Bernat said...

Should not, just compare sizes of installers (portable and official).

Lemarsman said...

Sorry, I didn't know my questions were repeated. You are indicating that it lacks some/quite a few of the full program because of the difference in size? Is that correct? It makes sense that it would lack in those features for the reasons you stated.

Trung Tue Le said...

Can't drag and drop files into photoshop cs6 from my folder!!

Bernat said...

There is only the content of main folder (no Bridge or Common Files) and only basic features tested.

@Trung Tue Le
Just use File/Open

Lemarsman said...

Well, I still like it very much.

Can on make a bootable OS like Win XP?

Thanks again.

Weight Loss For Dummies said...

Thanks for all the hard work, your releases are the only portable apps I will use. I do have a question if you have the time...

I am currently using your CS4 version from a year or so ago should I delete those files before running this?

Also, is it possible to upload to http://netload.in/ or http://megashares.com/? The free download speed isn't nearly as limited as RS and it's available to US users as well.

I understand if the answer is no, it does take a lot of extra work on your part, just thought I would ask.

Again, thanks for all of your hard work thus far, you make our lives much easier with the work that you do.


Bernat said...

You don't need to delete previous.
Main folder is PhotoshopPortable and each version have is own launcher, program folder (in App) and settings (in Data).

RapidShare is for me the best to check links (1400 links reported by John T. Haller as his copyrighted work).

Weight Loss For Dummies said...

Thanks for the quick answer, appreciate it.

One more question if you don't mind...

I was looking for illustrator cs6 portable and have found one created by someone else.

I only really trust your versions however I have a project that requires me to use it temporarily.

It is a version that use the PortableApps.com format? Some reports of its use says that it is stopping all other adobe products including adbe flash player, reader, and all others.

Is this normal? Should I not use it I looked here on your site and it isn't listed. The other app is the only portable version I have found.

Is there one you can recommend As I said I only need to use it for the project I am on now which will take a month or so but I can't have PS and DW stop working just so I can use it.

Thanks again

Weight Loss For Dummies said...

Here is a summary of the problem:

When running latest Adobe CS6 Portable products it may cause tempareory or even permenent error for other ALL Adobe product including Reader, FlashPlayer!

This is due to backuping of exisisting Adobe folders while running CS6-Portable products. All backuped folders are restored automatically when exit of the portable program.

Example in case of Illustrator-CS6-Portable: When 'IllustratorPortable.exe' is launched, first all existing adobe folders,registry entries are backuped, then it create an environment for running 'Illustrator.exe' by copying its own folders and registries. Then 'Illustrator.exe' is launched. 'IllustratorPortable.exe' will continue to run in backgound.

After exit of 'Illustrator.exe', all the backuped data are restored to its previous states by 'IllustratorPortable.exe'

Bernat said...

My PhotoshopCSXPortable do the same thing:
Backup-Restore the keys:
and folders:

SubKeys and SubFolders are common to differents Adobe products and it would be difficult to run two Portable Adobe products at the same time.

vincent said...

Hi Bernat
Can u reportbale this software with ME supports?
Because this version that u used doesn't support some unicode (example Arabic or Persian) characters
If u approve, I'm sure this will be first portable paf that is fully multilingual support.
For downloading (with direct links) please go here: http://goo.gl/ZUZbO

Bernat said...

Sorry, I can't download and could'nt test.

vincent said...

Bernat is there any problem? have you problem with downloading or any other?

Bernat said...

I DL/UL at 64/16 kB/s so it would take many time for me to download setup and install only to get language file I will not use.
If you have an installed Arabic Photoshop CS6 and upload the content of
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Locales
I will try to make an Arabic patch.

T. Boychev said...

Hi Bernat,
Folder "$APPDATA\Adobe" is making problems with other adobe applications. You have to include only sub folders used by Photoshop. Otherwise you are backing up all adobe stuff if installed or running together with Ps.
May I have your template to test it with modifications of Backup/Restore folders ?
Can you upload it or send me at tboy@gbg.bg
Thank you for all your work.

T. Boychev said...

Thank you.
I can't recompile - a lot of errors although I have all plugins for NSIS.
See here what is Backed up on my PC
Can you recompile with ONLY subfolder named AdobePhotoshopCS6, I think it is the only important folder.

The same is valid for LightroomPortable too.

Bernat said...

Sorry, but for me your idea is not a good idea.

twig said...

can;t get camera raws working, is it included in the download or do i have to install it manually?

Bernat said...

I don't know how to use Camera Raw but you should have Help/Plug-In/Camera Raw... to know if plug-in is recognized.

KING said...

Why can't u import videos in photoshop portable?

Bernat said...

This is a "lite" version: installer less than 100 MB.
If you want more, download and install official.

Blarg Blog said...

Hi folks,

Just a quick fundamenta question.

Is it possible to use [ "install" ] external scripts/ plugins/ etc. in a portable version of an app?

It seem to be difficult finding informations on that issue on the web.

I particular.

I am using a portable version of Illustrator and gained intresstes in trying out some intressting grafik scripts/ plugins/ etc.

But I have no idea how to make them work.
Actually I guess its not possible to make them work in a portable version.

So what says the pro?

Vignesh Sunder said...

To fix English go to subfolder App\PhotoshopCS6\Locales, delete "en_US" folder and paste the content of the following link


Enjoy English Language!

Bernat said...

For me English don't need fix.
There is no en_US folder in Locales.
en_US pack is not licensed for this version and can't be used.

pureocean said...

Firstly, thank you very much. Very useful.

The post title is wrong. This portable not "Extended" version.

Bernat said...

Says "Extended" in About.

- said...

Hi Bernat, do you plan to update it with the new 13.0.1 patch? Thank you for your work.

Bernat said...

I will do if I found program files without installing.

Shinzow Stark said...

Hi Bernat,
First Thank you for all your work.
I am using you'r portable version & it seems like dosent support Arabic unicode , I read all the comments & you respond someone about the same problem, uote : If you have an installed Arabic Photoshop CS6 and upload the content of C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Locales
I will try to make an Arabic patch.

Well i did it , here is the link :
please reportbale or add patch , & i'll be appreciated .

Bernat said...

Thanks for your help but I had yet tw10428.dat from en_AE but did'nt publish because menu still in english on a french computer.

Otherwise you can test en_AE patch and feed back.

Shinzow Stark said...

Thank you for the quick answer!
Actually it dosent matter if the menu is english or french , it just the arabic writing if it possible , cauz while installing the official version of photoshop it ask if you want the English version, or english (Arabic Supported - النسخة الداعمة للعربية) Version , if you know wht i mean.

I tested the patch & still arabic caracthers not supported
Can you fix it ! again thank you i'm very apreacited wht ever the results ! kind regards

Bernat said...

I can do more because content of en_AE folders are identical.
Solution is not in Locales folder.

How can I test if Arabic characters are supported?

Shinzow Stark said...

Test with the Adobe official version installation , take a look to make an idea wht i'm talking abt >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxr193iDkoI
@ (2:16) To be exact

jooseng said...

Hi Bernat,
Someone (http://forum.portableappc.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=265&start=30#p3173) reflect that Camera Raw in your build not complete, can not be used. If add in the one (CameraRaw.zip) from CheshireCat (http://punsh.at.ua/news/portable_adobe_photoshop_cs6_13_0_1_2_in_1/2012-08-31-1121), it become perfect. Could you have a look about that. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi jooseng, could you please make a portable version of Photoshop including topaz and perfectly clear plugins?

Perfectly Clear

Bernat said...

CameraRaw folder (279 MB 1524 files) seems to be used only if found in $APPDATA\Adobe (all users).
In a portable version it is not realist to copy and delete this folder at each use.
Where was it tested?

Try all plugins you want in App\PhotoshopCS6\Plug-ins

jooseng said...

I am not sure. I have suggested the forumer to post comment here directly.
However, you may like to have a look of the one created by CheshireCat here: http://punsh.at.ua/news/portable_adobe_photoshop_cs6_13_0_1_2_in_1/2012-08-31-1121

Charlie said...

Muchas Gracias!!

Bernat said...

I had a look and I think CameraRaw has to be copied in App\PhotoshopCS6\Resources (there are yet empty folders).

But this folder (279 MB) will be copied-deleted in $APPDATA at each use.
There is yet the content of Common (109 MB) copied-deleted in $COMMONFILES at each use.

jooseng said...

In that build, the CameraRaw is a separate download in the last download link.

Bernat said...

Yes, of course, I was talking about CameraRaw.zip.

Stefano Guidetti said...

Hello Bernat and thank you for everything, but i must report a problem with the language.

The problem I had is that PS is always overwriting my preferred setting in the .ini file. I've set Language=it_IT but it's not working, the software always uses en_US language.

Another problem i found is that the en_US language which has been automatically extracted in the locales folder is French and not English.

To put PS in Italian i had to rename the italian language folder in en_US.

Thank you for your assistance

Bernat said...

Are you talking about this version?
There is NO en_US folder and NO it_IT folder in Locales.
Only en_AE folder is used (because of registration).
If you checked Italian on install, you should found file:
Locales\en_AE\Support Files\tw10428.it_IT
when Photoshop is not runing.

Bob Hunter said...

Thanks for new version!

Unknown said...

I know how to add plugins to photoshop the problem is that you have to install the plugins on each computer becuase the plugins are not portable always requires files that are installed in "system32", "Program files"....

@jooseng, could you please make a portable version of Photoshop including topaz and perfectly clear plugins?

Perfectly Clear

Bernat said...


For Camera and Lens profiles, try to copy (extract) CameraRaw folder in:

Should be useful to remove all unused profiles to reduce disk activity.

Not tested: I don't know how to test.

Rokko said...

Hey Bernat! First: You are amazing.

Second, how hard it will be to provide a x64 version? I find it much more snappier and stable than the x32 version.

I make this myself by installing the full x64 version, patching the dlls, then moving the directory to your portable x32 install since it only needs the .exe and libraries, but it's an enormous hassle to do everytime a new update comes in.

Thank you again.

Bernat said...

Except for Lightroom I don't know how to extract files from setup, so I get Adobe program files from portables I found on the web.
You are right "it's an enormous hassle" to install and when I do so, it's in a Virtual 32 bit machine.

So if you upload your 64 bit files I will try to make a 32-64 bit version whith an updated launcher.

Thanks in advance.

dim said...

File > Automate > Photomerge
isn't working

Bernat said...

Latest Photomerge working is in CS4.

BillT said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bernat said...


Sorry I deleted accidentilly your message in place of mine.

Q: change language from french to english
1) If you are talking about the latest version for CS6 edit PhotoshopCS6Portable.ini with Language="" or "en_US" or "anything"...

Q: CS5.1 Extended and CS6
2) If you are talking of both portable no problem and they can be same PhotoshopPortable folder.
If CS5 is installed, not tested: you take the risk of loosing your registration.

Helios H said...

Thanks for this!!
But the new 13.0.1 shows a harmless short duration error at startup: "Your application install seems to be damaged, Please reinstall the application."
It then disappears immediately, followed by the photoshop splash screen. This was not there in 13.0
Everything else seems to work fine though.

Bernat said...

You read very quickly!
Launcher close this message in 500 ms.
Fixed before but not updated.

Mauro Luiz Fávero said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks...

BillT said...

Yes -- Using Port 6 with CS5.1 Ext (full version) invalidated lic recognition on link from Bridge to Camera Raw in cs5.1. Seems to be the only problem. Otherwise all works. I can use "open as" in CS5.1 to access Cam Raw, but it was more convenient to go from Bridge. Any fixes??

Bernat said...

I never had a look to Bridge and will not do.

craziedde said...


Any news on 64 bit version?


Bernat said...

Just upload 64 bit files and I will try.

WorldExclusive said...

I downloaded this App and its great but is there files missing? I am trying to do a Nebula Effect by clicking on the filter and scrolling down to Render for "Lightning Effect" and its faded like its cancelled and not there. Can Somebody help

Bernat said...

This effect froze (Win7 x64) and I had to kill process.

Works with Photoshop CS5 Portable (install don't overwrite CS6).

WorldExclusive said...

Thanks Bernat i did just that! If any malfunctions occur i will notify you.

WorldExclusive said...

Hey Bernat! you dont need to post this but when you say "install don't overwrite CS6" in specific term do you mean dont run them both at the same time..

Bernat said...

No, I mean that when you extract both in PhotoshopPortable folder the last don't overwrite previous: both have their own program folder, launcher and settings.

Of course, don't run at the same time and there is a security "Another Photoshop.exe is running..."

WorldExclusive said...

lol I'll be honest with you Bern can i call you Bern? I'd figure they would clash and its too much memory to have both running so ive never tried. But yeah for sure in different folders just making sure. I appreciate what your doing here for us inspiring artist who are developing their skills.

Cheers brother..Have a good weekend!

George said...

Many many thanks for your hard work as always. Appreciated.

Gryzor said...


Thanks for your awesome releases!

CS6 gives an Error 16 during launch. Seems like a folder does not exist/has wrong permissions: \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD .

I am trying to run this on a system with no admin rights, hence I cannot touch Program Files. Is there a proper location within the portable app's dir I could create it?

Bernat said...

You need Admin Rights.

\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD is set by Photoshop and can't be changed.

Try Extended=false in PhotoshopCS6Portable.ini but may not fix.

DADA RulZ said...

Az megoldható, hogy rendes, installált pluginok is úgymond beépüljenek és hordozható maradjon az egész? (értem ez alatt azokat, melyek a Program Files-ban is külön mappát hoznak létre)

Bernat said...

This portable don't use Program Files folder.
Plugins are searched in:

Gryzor said...

Hello again,

Thanks for trying to help.

Well, error 16 upon launch is supposed to refer to Program Files, but I've tried creating the Adobe PCD folder in the other folders as well.

Unfortunately suggestions didn't work, and of course I don't have admin rights (a main reason I use portable apps!).

But thanks for your help...

Pagla Mon said...

Thanks.Everything seems OK except for Photomerge and HDR...both give Error 22

ZNOP said...

The app run just fine from my usb but I can seem to find the folder to place the twain drivers in. Help, please?

Bernat said...

Sorry, I don't know and I think this not possible.
I think that twain drivers has to been registered in system.

ZNOP said...

Yes, I did discover that... I had to scan something and discovered that my Cs5 desktop version didn't have it either. I downloaded the necessary plugin(s) and that indeed worked... Out of sheer necessity I shut down the desktop version and checked my CS6 USB version and it didn't work. I figured I had to install the plugin(s) to the USB drive as well.

Bernat said...

If this is .8BA file try to copy in
or in

Search the best path according installed version but both should work.

If you use x64 take PhotoshopCS6_x64 folder.

ZNOP said...

Thanks. But, my problem is that I can't find that folder in the Portable Photoshop CS6 32 bit version.

Bernat said...

The sub-folder Twain is an example and does not exist.
Should work if you copy your .8ba file at the root of Plug-ins.
Both Plug-ins folders and their sub-folders are scanned by Photoshop at startup.
The cleanest would be to create same sub-folders than in installed CS5

ZNOP said...

Heh... Makes sense -- but you still lost me:) Allow me to rephrase my dilemma.

I have on my USB drive the following withing the Photoshop cs6 Portable Folder.

1. Fonts (File Folder)
2. PsCS6 - The House of Portable(File Folder)
3. Adobe Bridge CS6(Application)
4. Adobe Photoshop CS6(Application)
5. Photoshop.dat (DAT File)

As I stated earlier I downloaded "PSCS5OptionalPlugins_Win_en_US.zip" and added the exspanded files to ("Windows XP: \\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Plug-Ins\") within my desktop version CS5 and it works fine...

But, I can't seem to find a similar folder location on my USB PsCS6 version to place the same Plugin(s)" files.

I assumed the logical location to look in would be the "PsCS6 - The House of Portable", folder which contains the following.

1. %AppData% (Folder)
2. %Common AppData% (Folder)
3. %Local AppsData% (Folder)
4. %Program Files Common% (Folder)
5. %SystemRoot% (Folder)
6. SKEL (Folder)
7. Registry.rw.tvr (TVR File)
8. Registry.rw.trv.lck (LCK File)
9. Registry.rw.trv.transact (TRANSACT File)
10. Registry.tlog (TLOG File)
11. Registry.tlog.cache (Cache File)

But, alas I did not find a plugin(s) folder anywhere.

I hope that came across better.



Bernat said...

You don't ask on the good blog.
The CS6 portable you use is not mine but a virtualized one (Thinstall).

Try in
%ProgramFilesDir%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Plug-Ins\

You should have to create %ProgramFilesDir% (and its sub-folders) in PsCS6 - The House of Portable

Please don't ask me more, ask to "The House of Portable"

ZNOP said...

Thanks. Sorry to bother you so much.

Bernat said...

No, I don't like Windows 8 interface and will not use.

Lukef555 said...

The rapidshare link isnt working for me and the file for CS5 is gone, i have your version of CS5 on my other computer, is there a way to just transfer it?

Bernat said...

For CS6 RS links are good.
You can found mirrors with a google search on
I found:
(not my uploads: check md5)

For CS5, I am uploading one more time but if you want to mirror and have not installer you can pack with 7-Zip (without Data folder) and post your link in CS5 comments.

rainnie said...


i am wondering if i can use this portable CS6 on my laptop which already has photoshop CS 4 installed?
Or do i have to delete CS 4 first?

Bernat said...

Not tested.
I think you can run CS6 Portable if CS4 is installed but you take the risk that CS4 will not run after.

UnameIt said...

previous portable version (I think CS4) deleted some files related to Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable, which as a result messed up some other programs like Yahoo Messenger.

Is this still doing the same thing?

Bernat said...

Never deleted VC Redist: read sources in Other.

anacarla said...

Hi I can not speak English and I'm using Google translator to thank you for providing this portable application. I downloaded and will test. Hug. Success. Ana C. - Brasil

AK Giles said...

Hi! Thank you for taking your time out to make this really convenient program.

I installed this program,
and all my other Adobe Suite programs stopped working -.- Every time I try to click on them it stays to re-install them and I get the Error: 6 code. When I try to re-install them I get a pop-up that says to download Adobe Advisor and when I downloaded that it did not work. Help please =(

Bernat said...

Sorry for inconvenient (I don't see the interest to use this portable if you have Adobe Suite installed).

I did of my best to preserve system (157 registry keys and 5 folders) but Adobe products are complex.

I can only suggest you to uninstall and use Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool before installing again.

adiz salsabila said...

how to fix error on other adobe programs? my adobe dreamweaver error after installing this app .. :(

Bernat said...

Sorry, the only answer I can do is above.

adiz salsabila said...

what the mean ? :s
anyway, can you make adobe dreamweaver portable version ? pleasee... :(

Bernat said...


chid said...

Thanks, this is great!

shin i said...

Does the 32 bit version has the mixer brush and the refine edge tools.

Petr Chutný said...

Is there a way of launching it anyhow without the UAC prompt? I can't gain admin privileges since I am sitting in the university library :)

Bernat said...

Not with this kind of portable (using a launcher with program files).

You have to search a portable Photoshop virtualized with ThinApp or Xenocode (this is only a big exe).

chid said...

Bernat, how did you make this one so small? I'm super impressed, and it's the only way I can use it on my tiny laptop hard drive!

So thanks so much for it

Bernat said...

Only main program folder kept for a basic use.

جنّـه said...

thank you for your great work

when I open the program
I have an error massege

Product licene has expired

what can I do please help me ?

Bernat said...

Version of Windows?
Processor architecture?

Azure said...

Link is dead!

New link:
md5: 1ebede168f5d0abbe52f137154d58fcf

James Negrete said...

Can anyone help me with error 16

Naruto_Xboy said...

please help me,i cant drag & drop picture to photoshop

Bernat said...

File - Open

Randomanimedrawer said...

I have a question about saving as a pdf. When I turn off layers for pdf, and the dialog box opens, the Adobe PDF Preset is custom and you cant drop down the menu to change it. I need to change it to be "[High Quality Print] (Modified)" Did you take that option out? or is there a way to change the custom?

Guangyuan Xu said...

Excuse me.
Can I add a plugin in this portable version?
I want to use the "guideguide".
What should I do?
Please help me.

Bernat said...

"You can add plug-ins in App\PhotoshopCS6\Plug-ins"

ilovekazehikaru said...

Can I add a font because it does not recognize any fonts outside system default fonts?

Bernat said...

Try in:
Not tested.

Oleg Thor said...

PhotoshopCS6Portable.exe have flag AdditiveRunAsHighest so process Photoshop.exe will have admin rights too. Drag&Drop from other apps will not work thereat for UAC is enabled.
How can I disable the inherit admin rights from container?

Bernat said...

No such problem for me and I don't use drag&drop.

Naresh Deora said...

Thanks a ton.
I needed one with Japanese interface.
Is there any way we can add help files ?


mater said...

Hi there
I need help please, I have installed and reinstalled this numerous times now. Whether I pick the language packs or not, when photoshop starts up it is in french, I trid changing it by interface but failed. I tried changing the ini file but it is still in french?? When I go into the locales/en_us/support files there is a pack.inf if I open it says version=13prefstring=Frenchlocaleid=en_us

And a tw10428.dat file. Please help me?

Bernat said...

I think pack.inf no matter but in:
App\PhotoshopCS6\Locales\en_US\Support Files
You should NOT have tw10428.dat when PhotoshopPortable is not running but files such as tw10428.xx_XX or no tw10428.* file if you want only english.
So if you want only english just delete tw10428.dat or rename it in tw10428.fr_FR

Sor_Chi said...

Having trouble just starting the program, Its worked great for months then I downloaded Microsoft security thing and it flagged a keygan so i had to allow it so it wouldn't remove it but now Photoshop just won't open up, the little http://portableappz.blogspot.com pops up and thats it. Any ideas? I have uninstalled and re installed few times now and nothing. I even system restored to few days ago to see if that would help but nothing.

Bernat said...

Did Microsoft security remove a file in PhotoshopPortable folder?

Sor_Chi said...

Ok so problem I having actually now ( I completely recovered my computer)is when I download it no matter how many times and tries it doesn't download any of the files in the data folder or if it does and I go to "run" the program your guys icon comes up and thats it and the data files are gone for good. So any ideas or suggestions?

Bernat said...

"it doesn't download any of the files in the data folder" ?

The downloaded installer extract program files in X:\PortableApps\PhotoshopPortable\App\PhotoshopCS6* folder.
Nothing downloaded nor extracted in Data folder (created on first run).

Marian si marian said...

Please you can copy this photoshop cs6? For me, don't installing. it give me a error :. please!!!

Dishion Codjoe said...

Thank you Bernat i manage to bypass The Official Adobe PS Cs6 and mixed it with the Portable one now i can run stuff that portable couldn't if u want link i can post it ??

Bernat said...

Yes you can.
Tell us where to extract and what is done.
Thanks in advance.

Tam said...

Thank you very much!

Unknown said...


I have a problem - when I launch PSCS6x86 portable, error appears: Adobe Photoshop cannot run on this computer because this version of Photoshop requires Windows 7 or later.
I'm using WinXP SP3 Pro RUS.

CS6 supports WinXP SP3.

So, why does this portable version won't start on my PC?

Bernat said...

13.1.2 no more supports XP: download

Łódka Attlanta said...

And... That's worked even on "Native" [x64] to Windows XP x64... (13.0.1 - with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1,That's not fake.)
I Doesn't know why did with 13.1.2...

Łódka Attlanta said...

What's happened with "Photoshop 13.0.1 x64"... Perhaps would be little social of Windows XP x64...? Or not confer on the use - because it is not worth...?
or in Me Newest Native Photoshop (13.1.2) with Windows XP x64 is doesn't works.
So Information of Latest support now can be agrees. (even on Windows XP x64.)
When I Tested with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 [Last 13.0.1 for XP x64 - Native not i386.] and Will be works...

Bernat said...

"Photoshop 13.0.1 x64 has been removed today by Mega (reported).
I can't test on XP x64 but you confirm that 13.0.1 is the latest running on XP.

I will re-up.

Jan Kožušník said...

Hi, after I start photoshop cs6 portable, it shows error window with Problem 16
Do you know how to repiar it? Thank you

Bernat said...

I don't know. Sorry.

Maikel said...

@Bernat: First of all, thank you!

I have a question about plugins. How exactly will I get them to work? I've tried to place my downloaded .zxp-file in App/PhotoshopCS6_x64/Plug-ins, also tried to extract it in there with winrar. Neither seems to do anything, not even after restarting PS.

Further on, when I get this to work, will I also be able to use plug-ins that I've paid for? (may be some kind of verification in those...)

Bernat said...

The only thing I know in plug-ins is to copy .8bi files in Plug-ins (or Required\Plug-ins).
Did-you try to open .zxp files with 7-Zip?
Did-you locate in an installed version files of plug-ins you have paid for or .zxp installed with manager?

Maikel said...

7-Zip gives the same results as winrar. I can't see any .8bi-files. Maybe it helps to say that this is the particular plugin I try to use: http://css3ps.com

I also tried to somehow generate the right files with adobe extension manager, but I need to have Photoshop installed for that it says.

Bernat said...

Extract CSS3Ps.zxp in PhotoshopPortable\App\PhotoshopCS6_x64\Presets\Scripts\CSS3Ps\
Run script

Maikel said...

Thanks man! I guess it's not a proper plug-in install though, since I'm missing some interface buttons.

peorquelsexo said...

In Windows XP SP3, the program is open and shows the splash screen, but suddenly closes without to end the opening of the software.

Any solution or indication?


Bernat said...

Did you read before requesting?
13.1.2 requires Windows 7 or later, download for XP

Wayne Hodgkinson said...

Thanks mate. Your uploads are appreciated!

I am having issues changing the language to English. I have tried adding each of the following lines to PhotoshopCS6Portable.ini (in the root folder) but no joy


Am i doing something dumb? can you suggest anything?


Bernat said...

For 32 bit go into folder:
App\PhotoshopCS6\Locales\en_US\Support Files
and delete (or move) all tw10428.* files

Sor_Chi said...

do you know of any portable versions for a mac?

Bernat said...

No, sorry.

Ali Ameen said...

Can anyone tell me why it is not getting installed in Windows 8 ?

Bernat said...

No problem in Windows 8 64 bit.

Valentine Strale said...

Marche super bien sur mon windows 7 64 bits ! Merci !
Work very good on my windows 7 64 bits !
Thanks !

Gaurav Jha said...

There are so many links in download. Its like trial and error method to check which one is the actual one :P

ANyway! Portable Appz team, I have been using your photoshop ever since 2009, since you first made PS 10.

Great work, I am your big fan :)

Gaurav Jha said...

I couldn't click email followup in previous comment. If you guys reply, reply in this comment. I am seriously looking forward for a reply :)

ANd yup! Keep up the good work!

streamwalker said...

I saw a comment where someone else mentioned this, but I didn't recognize a response. The "merge to HDR Pro" or "photomerge" does not work; "error 22: Windows does not have a constructor...,." Is there a fix for this?

Bernat said...

Already answered

streamwalker said...

Sorry, Bernat, I didn't see that, before. Thanks for the response; I will download CS4, as well :)

rc71 said...

Thanks. Working in windows 8 as long as your run as admin.

Hashi said...

Thank you so much .. I have a one issue .when I try to load videos through import option I get a error message saying Dynamic link is not available .. Pls help me on this ... Thanks in advance

Bernat said...

You can't have all features in less than 100 MB installer.
Download and install official or search other portable on the web.

Avijit said...

Thanks for this upload. For all who want to upload / associate more plug-ins, can do following method.

Go to edit menu, > preferences > Plug-Ins...; Then choose the plug-in folder (your installed 3rd party filters etc.). Your new filters will be shown accordingly!

@ Bernat, can you pls. tell me how to add a customised start up logo (like you use PortableAppZ png image). I know to customise the splash screen through PSArt.dll; but don't know how to customise the initial startup logo. I will be thankful if you give me the answer. If you don't want to publish your answer, you can reply me @ avijitgh783@gmail.com

Bernat said...

Support / Custom use / Disabling splash screen

Avijit said...

Thanks, Bernat. It worked for me. By taking the help from support I can able to change/ disable the splash screen now. By the way your Tutorials are excellent. Thanks for share, but I will wait for you new releases, they all are really helpful. Many thanks for all your efforts & share with us......

Polly said...

Thanks for this. Is there a way to update Camera Raw? The Help -> Updates option is greyed out and the Camera Raw version that it comes with does not work with my camera's RAW files.

Bernat said...

You have to search for Camera Raw.8bi from Photoshop 14.0.

Red Demon said...

When i setup it it says Extract : Photoshop.exe error any help please?

Bernat said...

Check md5

jpeni said...


Thanks for all your hard work creating portable programs

DImaz FAisal said...

ummm is it me or i cant even make a new layer it shows only plain black when i do so T.T

Bernat said...

No problem for me to create a new layer.

CK said...

I needed the most recent version of Camera Raw for Canon EOS 700D so I downloaded Camera Raw 8.1 from
http://swupdl.adobe.com/updates/oobe/aam20/win/PhotoshopCameraRaw7-7.0/8.1.79/setup.zip ,extracted it,
renamed the file "1002" \Downloads\AdobeCameraRaw_8.1\payloads\AdobeCameraRaw7.0All-x64-290513145418\Assets1_1\ to "Camera Raw.8bi" and copied it to PhotoshopPortable_X64\App\PhotoshopCS6_x64\Required\Plug-Ins\File Formats and it seem to work...

mahmudul hasan himel said...

i am already using cs5.when i found this release i delete my previous photoshop portable folder.then double click it to install it.it is installed but when i try to open it portable apps screen appear,after 10-15 seconds it disappear.i dont know why but think it is registry problem.because i try it another operating system and it works.i have 2 OS installed on same machine.xp sp2 and win7.in xp it does not work .plz reply what should i do

Bernat said...

"i have 2 OS installed on same machine.xp sp2 and win7.in xp it does not work"
13.1.2 requires Windows 7 or later, download for XP

Bernat said...

Thanks to CK for link and tip.
Added Camera Raw Plug-in 32-64 bit Online

Flaxtreme A. said...

Wokrs great on Windows 2012 Server

For disable French and enable English
delete tw10428.dat file from

m8x said...

Hi !
In the first time i would like to thank you for this software really simple to use.

In a second time, i try to ad a new extension :


I've tried to do the same thing than you explain with CSS3.. but it doens't work.

Can you help me ?


Bernat said...

If I extract (with 7-Zip) BlendMeIn CS6.zxp in

It appears in File/Scripts/Configurator-Panel

m8x said...

Hi Bernat and thx to help me.

I aggree with you, i can see Configurator-Panel after to install BlendMeIn.

Unfortunely when i click on this new Script Menu nothing appear like on the description of the blend website

Bernat said...

I don't use. Sorry.

bee said...

i've been trying to get my version of photoshop to english for a few days now, but for some reason it's still not working. i believe that i've tried everything suggested above, but it still isn't working. any more suggestions, or am i just out of luck?

Bernat said...

Enter in folder:
PhotoshopPortable\App\PhotoshopCS6\Locales\en_US\Support Files\
PhotoshopPortable\App\PhotoshopCS6_x64\Locales\en_US\Support Files\
and delete or move all tw10428.* files.

Pierrot l'indigné said...

Hi Bernat,

I just installed the 64bits version to have a french version of photoshop. But now, all my adobe products do not work... Your portable version work though. But I need the other adobe products to work. What am I suppose to do?



Bernat said...

Sorry, no solution.
You should have read:
Don't run at the same time of another Adobe product or if you have Photoshop installed!

Pierrot l'indigné said...

Thanks Bernat,
I didn't see I shouldn't run another adobe program at the same time...
So if I reinstall all my adobe products it should be fine I hope.
Thanks a lot.


Bernat said...

Reinstall or repair is the best solution to try.

Tu Mirosi said...

on Windows XP no open

Bernat said...

Read before reporting!
13.1.2 requires Windows 7 or later, download for XP

Yashaswini Mohanty said... works fine on Vista but doesn't work on xp sp3.Only flash screen is shown.Please tell me what I can do.

Bernat said...

Tested working on a clean (just installed) Windows XP SP3 32 bit with admin right.
I can't do more.

iamjadz said...

I am trying to download this, but google chrome is blocking it, saying that the download is malicious/malware. What should I do? Thank you for any help.

Bernat said...

Try another browser or JDownloader 2 beta.

mommaroodles said...

CS6 wont install for me - when trying to launch it - it says I need to have windows 7 and I have XP :( The Illustrator works fine and I did download the 32bit.

Do you perhaps have a workaround for this or another version available. I'd really appreciate that.

Bernat said...

13.1.2 requires Windows 7 or later, download for XP

Download Portable Photoshop CS6 32 bit (92.6 MB)

(md5: 1ebede168f5d0abbe52f137154d58fcf)

Included Camera Raw Plug-in 32 bit

Download Portable Photoshop CS6 64 bit (103 MB)

(md5: 8dc70a3f1e4881c4b599d91a7d9e157a)

Included Camera Raw Plug-in 64 bit

mommaroodles said...

Ah Bernat - thank you so much, I appreciate that more than you know :) x

VonSohn said...

Is it possible to install GuideGuide?


It downloads as a .zxp, and putting it in the suggested folder (extracted or not) doesn't seem to work.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Bernat said...

If you have a Photoshop installed, install plugin and locate util.jsx.

Renma13 said...

I don't know why but whenever I hit CTRL+SHIFT+S, no window pops up that lets me save the file. When I try saving from FILE > SAVE AS, nothing still happens. I can't save my work.:( Is this just me? Is there something I can do to fix it? Please? :(

Bernat said...

No problem for me to Save or Save as...
If you didn't modify your work Save is grayed and nothing happens.

Shiv Sharma said...

I am gonna to install the plugin....thanks for the info. shared here....http://photoshoptutorials.co.in

Salomon Lopez said...

Thanks, works with Windows 8 32bit

borremans valya said...

Can it also run on mac?
Btw sorry if this question is repeated.

Bernat said...

Only on Windows PC.

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