A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

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08 January 2017

Virtualize applications without installation.
Download Portable Studio 17.0.836 Online (0.2 MB) 08/01/17

Extract and run StudioPortable.
Online installer is also setup extractor if turbo-studio-17.0.836.msi (241 MB) is found in its folder.
Settings of installed Studio should be preserved.

12 commentaires:

vincent said...

Excellent. Thanks

tala pantas said...

Great Job! Love this site so much!

tala pantas said...

Really love this site!

ALV said...

This version works on Windows 8 Ent.х86 ?

Luis Sergio said...

Helou Bernat

On my XP computer tests were as follows:

1 spoon creates folders: "Spoon" and "Spoon Virtual Application Studio"

2 NSIS does not back up the folder: "Spoon", creating the folder "Spoon-BackupByStudioPortable"

3 At the end are the folders on the computer, "Spoon", "Spoon Virtual Application Studio" and "Spoon-BackupByStudioPortable"

Maybe better not backing up the "Spoon"
and backup only the folder "Spoon Virtual Application Studio" at $ LOCALAPPDATA

even more

Bernat said...

No sense to backup only the folder "Spoon Virtual Application Studio" expecting it will backup "Spoon" folder.

Updated launcher

Luis Sergio said...

I solved the problem with this command in script:
ExecWait `attrib +h +r +s /s /d "$LOCALAPPDATA\Spoon"`

Jeff Savage said...

Need a license to use. How do I get one?

Bernat said...

You must allow launcher to write to registry (admin rights).

Lucius said...

Hi, when run studioportable.exe create a folder ....local/turbo.net
Please modify .exe file....

Bernat said...

Updated (They changed Spoon to Turbo.net)

Lucius said...

Thank you for your update! Now work correctly! Thank you!

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