A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
Tested on Windows XP Pro SP3 and Windows 7 Integrale SP1.
On Vista and 7 turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

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18 June 2014

Professional photographer's essential toolbox without installation.
English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, SimpChinese, TradChinese
Lightroom 5 requires Windows 7 or later.
Download Portable Lightroom 32 bit (59.6 MB)
Download Portable Lightroom 64 bit (62.2 MB)

3.6 is latest Lightroom running on Windows XP.
Download Portable Lightroom 3.6 32 bit (24 MB)
Download Portable Lightroom 3.6 64 bit (25 MB)
Download Portable Lightroom 3.6 32-64 bit Online (0.4 MB)
Lightroom_3_LS11_win_3_6.exe will be used by Online Installer if found in its folder.
If you check Camera and Lens Profiles (3.6 Online), remove after install all useless (devices you don't have) subfolders in Data\AdobeAll\CameraRaw. Otherwise a lot of files will be moved between Data and APPDATA every time you start and close.

Extract and run LightroomPortable.
Select or create a catalog on startup.
Settings of installed Lightroom should be preserved.
Don't run at the same time of another Adobe product.

48 commentaires:

lukymat said...

Thanks for 3.6 xp version..Is it safe to run with adobe programs that run in the backround most of the time? adobearm,acrotray,CS6ServiceManager etc ?

Giacomo said...

do you know where to copy camera lens profiles in order to make them work?

Bernat said...

In v4.x:

In v3.x:

Unknown said...

By error, I've launched PSCS6 when my portable Lightroom was opened.

Now PS won't start - it shows me Configuration error - Error: 1

Is it possible to fix PS installation? There are many plugins and settings in my PS which I do not want to reinstall n this time :-(

Bernat said...

If you run PS setup again it should not delete settings and plugins and should repair.

Unknown said...

Help! I can't import RAW photo (which come from 600d/650d) in the Lightroom 4.3. Is there any fix or solution? Thx!

Bernat said...

No problem for me to import *.CR2 files from Canon EOS 450D.

Michael Pacitto said...

Just a note that you are an amazing person for doing this, and have probably made thousands upon thousands of people's lives easier.
I'm getting the full creative suite soon, but while waiting for business to pick up, your apps got me through a lot.

Dj Albi said...

thanks for 5.0 version .. but the italian language don't work :(

Bernat said...

Just close and restart by launcher.

harizaka said...

do you know where to copy photomatrix pro plugin

Bernat said...

Extract Photomatix.lrplugin in LightroomPortable\App\Common\Modules (when LightroomPortable is closed).
Photomatix will be available in right-clic Export menu of Lightroom but search for Photomatix installed.

Don Cara de Orto said...

Once I download it, shall I install it or shall I do something else?

Bernat said...

Run installer.

Ekasit Pathompongpisut said...

Is it possible to moving between Lightroom and Photoshop (both portable) like edit in -> open as smart object in Photoshop ?

Bernat said...

No: same folders and registry keys used by both.

Teri said...

In Lightroom 5 portable (64 bit, if that matters) where do you install plugins? There is no App\Common\Modules?

Bernat said...

when Lightroom is not running because the content of Common is moved in necessary folder by launcher.

babelkot said...

Chez moi,il n'est qu'en anglais...

Bernat said...

Tu dois avoir un dossier
quand LightroomPortable est fermé.

Anurag said...

Where to Copy lens profiles for LR version 5? the version 4 info put by a a fellow user doesn't seem to work for LR5.

Bernat said...

Download Camera & Lens Profiles (60 MB)

Or copy in
when portable is not running

Sebas said...

I can't put french language, even by retstarting Lightroom by the launcher.

The file TranslatedStrings.txt is available in the folder App\Common\Resources\fr. I opened it and it is the french translation.

In LightRoom Preferences, the french language is not available in the language choices. There are only Automatic (lets english language) and English.

Does anybody meet the same issue ?

Bernat said...

No problem for me to have french language.

The content of App\Common\ is moved in App\Lightroom\ (or App\Lightroom_x64\) by launcher when running.

Verify first that these folders contains any sub-folder except moxplugins\ when Lightroom is closed.

Close your explorer, launch Lightroom and verify that all the content of App\Common\ is moved in App\Lightroom\ (or App\Lightroom_x64\).

Don't look in explorer when starting or closing (this will avoid rename).

Sebas said...

OK thank you that helped me.

I think the problem was coming from the empty sub-folder named Resources in App\Lightroom. I deleted it and Lightroom started normally in french.

I made several tests and I think the issue is coming from the firt launch in the install process. I think it writes an empty sub-folder Resources in App\Lightroom.

When I close the installation process without opening Lightroom, no empty subfolder Resources. And than I launch Lightroom with the launcher and it appears directly in french.

I can't sa if it is coming from my system or if there is a problem with launching with the intalltion process.

Thanks anyway, I can completely use LR now.

jtagarro said...

Thanks for the new version.
I'd like to know why maps option does never work in your portable version?
It always crashes.

Bernat said...

Solution: download and install.

jtagarro said...

Bernat... I've just done it several times and it always crashes when I use maps option...
Other portable versions doesn't have this problem, although they are worse than yours because they haven't been designed with paf method.
I prefer yours but I have this problem with all versions, not only 5.2 and with different computers.

jtagarro said...

Bernat... I'm sorry. I didn't realize the link you provide me was the original AL52. I understand your version can not have maps version.

karol s.m. said...


I did how You described but somehow I cannot get the lens profiles and cameras to be visible in the program.

When I go into the 'profile section it says 'none, and there's nothing on the list. I checked folders, and they seem to be in place:

LightroomPortableP>App>Common>Resources>Camera profiles and lens profiles.

any idea what I might have done wrong?


Bernat said...

I don't use but I think you must open a RAW picture and you should see listed only one camera profile (or none if your camera is not is database).

More infos.

karol s.m. said...

Looks like there's nothing on the list. My camera is canon 5d mark2, which figures under the camera profile folder on the disk, so there's something not working here I think.
Lens nothing special - 17-40L, which is on the disk in the folder as well, but not in the program.

Bernat said...

Perhaps Index.dat is missing in *Profiles.

karol s.m. said...

Thanks Bernat, but I've just checked and index files are where they should.
Are the profiles listed when You launch Lightroom? Can You see them ?

Bernat said...

I have Lens Profile in Develop tab but I don't know where search Camera Profile.

Rudy Vermeer said...

Dear Bernat, tried to get the new version of LR5.3 32 bit to get to work on my Vista computer and I'm always getting an error in MSVCR100.dll and afterwards, the program shuts down. I'm using you version of LR5.2 for a while now on the same computer and it works real good. Thank you for that. Maybe you can figure out what is wrong?

Bernat said...

I don't use Vista.
msvcr100.dll is in \LightroomPortable\App\Lightroom\ folder
Try to compare this dll in 5.2 and 5.3.

T_Rex said...

It says, "Lightroom 5 Requires ...Vista or later" So can it work on Vista? The Adobe website says only 7 or 8 Which is it?

Bernat said...

Try to know the answer.

T_Rex said...

OK,I tried and indeed LR5.3 doesn't run in Vista. But Rudy Vermeer said that your LR5.2 worked for him in Vista. So where can I get that version?

Bernat said...


cckk said...

hi Bernat
same issue as karol s.m. posted up. do you any further tips? everything seems installed properly. canon 6d in in the folder but LR 5.3 cannot see camera and lens profile.also with raw photos.
many thanks

Bernat said...

I have Lens Profile in Develop tab but I don't know where search Camera Profile.

Drae Dinzel said...

Is the Book feature disabled in this?

I've tried adding Pages to create a book but nothing happens.

Not even auto layout :(

Bernat said...

Probably, I don't use.


Thanks It is perfect.

djsolidsnake86 said...

ita lang doesnt work!
how fix?

Bernat said...

Italian work!

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