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You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

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16 March 2017

Multimedia Player (KMPlayer Reloaded) without installation.

Download Portable PotPlayer Online (0.7 MB) 06/01/17
Online installer is also setup extractor if found PotPlayerSetup.exe, PotPlayerSetup64.exe, OpenCodecSetup.exe, OpenCodecSetup64.exe in its folder.

Extract and run PotPlayerPortable.
Settings of installed PotPlayer should be preserved.

42 commentaires:

jooseng said...

download of potplayer setup file is not allowed anymore.

Bernat said...

For me these 2 links are good:

jooseng said...

I means your PortableApp installer can not download the required setup file.

jooseng said...

I get access forbidden message.

jooseng said...

I found the reason, is blocked by my antivirus program. When I turned it off, it is ok now.

Rehmat Alam said...

My antivirus blocks it. If I allow it, will it harm my pc?

Bernat said...

What antivirus?
What file?

Μάριος Κορδέλλας said...

cant associate

Bernat said...

Not to be done with a portable app.

beever said...

the installer won't find URL

this is the REAL Official realease URLs


Bernat said...

Working for me with 1.5.34321

Colin Knight said...

How do you get the 64bit version to launch please?

I downloaded both 32 & 64bit versions but the PotPlayerPortable.exe always launches 32bit.

Do I have to rename some files maybe?


Bernat said...

Nothing to rename.

You must of course run on a 64 bit system.

Check if you have PotPlayer64.exe in App\PotPlayer

Colin Knight said...

Hi Bernat,

Indeed I have 64bit Windows 7..but I seem to have fixed it.

I originaly installed PotPlayerPortable in %program files (x86)% and it kept running the 32bit version.

But then I thought the normal place for 64bit stuff is %program files%% so I moved PotPlayerPortable into there and now it's running the 64bit version!

I think I'll need to stop drinking..lol.

Anyway thanks for all the effort you put into your releases..you do some great stuff and it's much appreciated.


makjang said...

How do ko

Bernat said...

Can't be done.
Run this ko installer: Download Portable PotPlayer Ko Online (0.6 MB)

Einstein Frank said...

Thank you very much for ALL your PortableAppZ Bernat! Keep up this excellent work!
English Official and
Korean Official
Download links are valid so your previous ENGLISH ONLINE installer:
"PotPlayer_Portable_1.x.x_32-64-bit_En_Online.exe" is working fine again.

Южное Тушино said...


I'm trying to install the PotPlayer, I entered 1.5.40688 as a version number, but then I'm getting the following error:

Download of PotPlayerSetup.exe: File not found (404)

What can I do with that?


Bernat said...

You are right, they changed net in com in download link.
Installer updated but recommended to use it as setup extractor.

Hungryman Cheong said...


After installing the latest version (1.6.47995), I tried watching
some movies but receive this error message :

"AAC" Audio decoder is required to play the file.

Video still plays but no audio.
Previous versions I downloaded was

Please help

Bernat said...

Tested avi mkv and ts on Windows 8 without problem.

mike mail said...

@Hungryman Cheong
I also had no audio in recent versions. Look for file "FFmpegMininum.dll" in an older version of Potplayer and copy it into folder "PotPlayerPortable\App\PotPlayer\Module\FFmpeg".
I used it from verson 1-5-45955. Now life is good.

jooseng said...

FFmpeg*.dll can be get from here:
http://get.daum.net/PotPlayer/Codec/OpenCodecSetup.exe (32 bit)
http://get.daum.net/PotPlayer/Codec/OpenCodecSetup64.exe 64 bit)

extract with 7zip

Bernat said...

Thanks for links.
Installer updated.

jooseng said...

should be deleted.

Bernat said...

Of course.
RMDir "/r" "$INSTDIR\App\${APP}\Module\Libav\$$PLUGINSDIR"
after line 155 of installer.

Brian Moggy said...

The last 2 versions have not worked with WinXP 32 SP3.
Issue I get is.. Error:Cannot
find or init PotPlayer.dll.
Any ideas anyone?


Bernat said...

You are right.
Installer fixed for XP.

Brian Moggy said...

Thanks for the come back but still will not work? very strange even downloaded from Daum both will not work and will not open. what the hell am I missing? been using this program for years.

Bernat said...

Tested working on Windows XP SP3 32 bit.

72259c12eb9ad5948991c3908159642d *PotPlayer_Portable_1.6.x_32-64-bit_Multilingual_Online.exe

mike mail said...

Bernat’s new installer fixed my problem(s). The Video Renderer also needed changed to
‘VMR 7 Renderless’ but doesn’t sound like that’s your problem.

Le Thanh said...

Its does not working in my XP sp3

how to fix it, plz ???

Bernat said...

Nothing to fix: tested working on a just installed Windows XP SP3 32 bit (screenshot above).

Brian Moggy said...

Like Le Thanh says it just will not work nor will the downloaded version off Daum's site..........So what am I missing? Tried to join their forum but am unable to because other people on reading are having the same problem? very strange. Anyway many thanks for help so far ;-)

Le Thanh said...

Dear Bernat!

I have downloaded and tried again and it worked fine on my XP sp3 32bit
Thank you very much for your support!

Brian Moggy said...

Hi Bernat.
Just to conclude my ramble on this subject and maybe help others. I have another WinXP SP3 machine and it works OK on that. The difference being other machine has Net framework 4.0 and this machine does not?

Colin Knight said...

I notice that PotPlayer now writes a registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Daum\PotPlayer which I can't say I've noticed before.

Just recently I continually get a request pop up to update to the latest beta whenever I start PotPlayer despite the fact that Updates are switched off in the preferences.

Any ideas if this registry key might be be causing this update request as if I delete the key it just gets rewritten every time Potlayer is run.


Bernat said...

You are right for the key: fixed launcher.
Therefore I never had a request pop up to update the latest beta.

Try first to reset settings by renaming Data in DataBak.
If it doesn't solve try a new install in PotPlayerPortableTest (for instance).

Bernat said...

I had also the problem of auto-update.
Reading this forum I found a solution : run installer again to get the latest build (14 september).

PotPlayer bug is to delete CheckAutoUpdate=0 in [Settings] in Data\PotPlayer\PotPlayer.ini

Colin Knight said...

Can confirm the new launcher fixes the key problem.

In the end I did a new install of version 1.6.56209 as I couldn't stop the update screen from popping up no matter what tried.

Everything now seems to be working fine so I hope it stays that way.

Thanks for the help.

Little Boy said...

Hello there Mr.Bernat,
I have a question...do i have to download opencodec every single time I update potplayer?

Bernat said...

No OpenCodec files date: 2016-04-28

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