A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

29 May 2018

Optimize Windows without installation.
Download Portable jv16PT (5.9 MB)

Extract and run jv16PTPortable.
Settings of installed jv16PT should be preserved.

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George said...

Thank you so much as always.
Great app.

JustMe said...

You should really drop this file sharing service. ATM it's unavailable, but when it is, it enforces Chrome.

Chrome is okay, but I don't want it. I don't like things that forces me to use other things I don't need.

That is the why I use portable appz, too.

Bernat said...

Use JDownloader 2.0 beta online.

JustMe said...

Ok, thanks!

Alan said...

Mega doesn't work with Firefox. Tried Opera and Mega insists on installing something before allowing the download.
It otherwise defaults to requiring Chrome.
I would like to download your posting but I am concerned about why the download host wants me to use only Chrome.

Bernat said...

Read comment about JDownloader above.

dubois7 said...

Yes, doese not work with Firefox for me, too, but it works perfectly with my Internet explorer-10... :)

Giovanni said...

MEGA working like a charm with FF 24.0 for me...and VERY fast too ! TY so much

Lightzone said...

Thanks this software, but I have a little problem: I changed language hungary, but when I try start this software again, it will english...
There is no problem old modells.

Bernat said...

Replace launcher if you have a problem with language.

Lightzone said...

Thank you, so much, it's very good! :)

Bahga said...

The last version of jv16PT that fixed the errors it found was, and find errors but won't fix any of them.

Giacomo said...


Dumonde said...


JV16 portable fails registry scan with error about Preferences folder not being created.
Once the folder is manually created, registry scan works as it should.

This works fine on the installed version of JV16.

Bernat said...

For me an empty Preferences folder is created by program itself on first start in .\jv16PTPortable\Data\jv16PT\Settings\
Delete Data folder and try.

Unknown said...

Good app for sparenparts tools. thanks

Serzh said...

Whether there is an opportunity in the program to deliver the key? Registration?

Bernat said...

(when running)

Serzh said...

Thank you

Serzh said...

Changed the file in case of start and in case of installation, information on the license isn't saved

David said...

Get a fatal error: Cannot access directory "PortableApps\jv16PTPortable\App\jv16PT\Tasks\". There was no Task folder in that directory and I created a folder "Tasks" and still comes up with same error message.

Bernat said...

Delete Data\ folder
Clean App\jv16PT\ folder: only remaining Languages\ folder and files:

Replace jv16PTPortable.exe

Run this launcher, wait initial config and never let restart computer

meir said...

I get this error:
[07:43:59 - Error]: It seems that some software is blocking jv16 PowerTools from adding an automatically starting software. This is required for the Startup Timer and Startup Optimizer features to work and for the System Health data to be correctly analyzed. Please ensure "\jv16PTPortable\App\jv16PT\jv16PT.exe, \jv16PTPortable\App\jv16PT\jv16pt_PreWorker1.exe, \jv16PTPortable\App\jv16PT\jv16pt_PreWorker2.exe" are allowed to fully access the Windows registry, including the access to create and modify automatically starting software registry keys. If you do not address this issue, this software will not operate correctly.

I have not found anything blocking it, in fact, I have not seen that files:
jv16pt_PreWorker1.exe, jv16pt_PreWorker2.exe - In folders.

Do you have how to help me?
Thank you very much!!

Bernat said...

To be sure to have good files in right folders, delete jv16PTPortable folder and run installer again.
Never allow program to restart Windows or restart itself.
No more idea to solve: I had never this error.

Unknown said...

Getting an error on the second run (first run setting up, reboot cancelled):
"... jv16pt_PowerWorker1.exe has been corrupted.
Please reinstall jv16 PowerTools if the problem persists"
when trying to start any tool (RegClean, etc)
Reinstalled, same problem... Windows 10 desktop with ton of RAM.

Is there anything wrong that I'm doing?
Haven't used jv16 since Win2000 days, now trying to clean registry
Thank you!

P.S. Only see these executables in the App dir:

Bernat said...

I have this error (Error code: 8) with latest but not with
The content of App\jv16PT folder is good (also recognition.dll and Languages folder) and jv16pt_PreWorker1.exe not present and not requested by program.
Sorry, I can't help you more.

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