A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

0 commentaires 16 November 2010

Stop spam and unwanted email without installation.
Download Portable MailWasher 6.5.4 En (8.5 MB) 16/11/10
(md5: cb026cd383b953bc4e109888bca55d10)

Not latest version but better than 7.x: don't need .NET Framework and launch quickly.
Updated launchers create settings in Data (don't move from APPDATA).
Extract and run MailWasherPortable.
Settings of installed MailWasher should be preserved.

0 commentaires 13 October 2010

Open source peer-to-peer & Torrent client without installation.
Download Portable LimeWire (21.5 MB)

Needs Java Runtime Environment Portable or Installed.

Extract and run LimeWirePortable.
Shared in LimeWirePortable folder, edit portable.props in App\LimeWire\lib to change relative paths.
Settings of installed LimeWire should be preserved.

3 commentaires 08 April 2010

Download Portable eMule (2.8 MB)

Download Portable eMule MorphXT (5.1 MB)

Download Portable eMule Plus (2.4 MB)

Download Portable DreaMule (6.7 MB)

Peer-to-peer file sharing client without installation.

Four versions use the same Incoming and Temp directories: you can begin download with one and resume with other.
Extract and run eMulePortable or eMulePlusPortable or eMuleMorphXTPortable or DreaMulePortable.
Settings and Temp in Data folder, Incoming at the root of portable folder: if you want to fix Incoming and Temp paths, edit eMule.ini in Data.
Settings of installed eMule should be preserved.

1 commentaires 07 April 2010

Benchmarking and system information tool to show everything from your PC to you without installation.
Download Portable EVEREST Ultimate (9.5 MB)
(md5: 92f553d2ccb78b8f27954c2973ba99ed)

Extract and run EverestUltimatePortable.
Settings of installed EVEREST Ultimate should be preserved.

Multi-functional toolset for IT Management and Security without installation.
Download Portable EVEREST Corporate (9.9 MB)
(md5: b7ac47efc4d1cfc0f6281de3768f519f)

Extract and run EverestCorporatePortable.
Settings of installed EVEREST Corporate should be preserved.