A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

If you found dead links, search on Jooseng's Mirrors.

10 October 2018

Your sync and back-up solution without installation.
Download Portable Syncovery Premium Online (0.3 MB) 10/10/18

Extract and run SyncoveryPortable.
Edit SyncoveryPortable.ini to add parameters.
Settings of installed Syncovery should be preserved.

17 commentaires:

Quiggly said...

This link is no longer valid as the company has changed to Synvocery.
Would appreciate an updated link.
Thanks Anand

seiferflo said...

Thanks a lot Bernat. I was looking for something more powerful than freefilesync, it works very well so far.

Niefer Sans said...

I use Syncovery for years - for local, remote and online synchronizations. Probably the best application in its class.

mor lev said...

Hello @Bernat,
as you may know, the mirror forum was taken down for about two weeks now. it seems like it is not in maintains, so probably you will need to contact the admin or the host author so to be able recover the info.
That is a real disaster as it was the only place that centralize all portable developers work in a very good order with lot of mirrors, even for very old stuff.
Thanks for all your works and reply.

Bernat said...

Thanks for info.
Link removed.

mor lev said...

Hi Bernat,
Just want to inform you that JooSeng's forum is back now.
Its a good opportunity to try making backup (offline explorer or teleport) of all your stuff there so you will be able to use those mirrors in case it will be removed again.


Bernat said...

Thanks for info.
Link restored.

Skinner62 said...

Can you modify This tool to support Russian.

Bernat said...

Not available in Russian.

Skinner62 said...

It's links to russian version

Bernat said...

Russian added.

Skinner62 said...

Many Thanks!!

Saua said...

Hi guys.
New update available. v7.95c.
Thanks again

Adolf Huffman said...

SnD's key even Nemo's new key doesn't work for v8.1XX anymore , URET key blacklisted last month ,please contact me via this email and I will show you the conversation between me and nemo

Bonkers said...

Hi Adolf,

I've used Syncovery for years and am disappointed the known keys dont
work with version 8. Do you know of a fix or any new keys that do work?


Adolf Huffman said...

unfortunately , after tobias added some extremely strategic features to this unique app , he also blacklisted ALL the shared keys even enterprise keys like SnD ...

I was looking for solution for month
Nemo [SnD] gave me my own key , but even that stopped working


and as you see in screenshot I finally bought 60 dollary license

I assure you there is no medicine for latest v8.xx [until this moment]
all of old v8 [and of course v7] have some known bugs which make them unstable for running business by them

the fact is this app is ridiculously unique and Tobias niesen knows it very well ;)

Bernat said...

For me registered with:

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