A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

25 July 2021

Google Search with satellite imagery without installation.
Download Portable Google Earth Pro 32 bit (44 MB)
Download Portable Google Earth Pro 64 bit (50 MB)

Extract and run GoogleEarthProPortable.
Cache in temp folder deleted when leaving, if you want to keep cache in portable folder (to use offline) edit GoogleEarthProPortable.ini.
Settings of installed GoogleEarth should be preserved.

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francisco.sc said...

Very good... thank you. Francisco-Brazil

XpucT said...

There is a problem in your portable version. I placed folder "GoogleErarhtPortable" in My special folder where I have all My and your portable apps
D:\Разное\Проги\Portable\Portable Google Earth
and only this App working not properly. If the path has Russian letters I see no earth, just a lines. But if the path will not have Cyrillic symbols everything OK.

Sorry for My english. But I'm sure you understood Me.

Hello from Russia. Thank you.

http://appuntinternauta59.blogspot.com/ said...

Very Very good.Thank you for Program

Unknown said...

He tenido un problema al ejecutar la versión portátil, que hace que mi XP se estrelló y tuve que configurar todo el sistema. ¿Es esto normal? ¿Hay más usuarios con el mismo problema?

Gracias por tu trabajo. Es la primera vez que tengo un problema con los portátiles vesions

Bernat said...

Don't use 7 but 6 on XP

Anonymous said...

Dont work, the installer only install a few files, but not the hole program.

Bernat said...

Tested working.

Anonymous said...

mulțumim din România

Jalbot said...

Funciona perfecto, gracias.

gabriel salcedo said...

A Sergio Benito (y otros): La versión 7 efectivamente desconfiguró 2 veces XP (SP3)Pero la 6 anda perfecto. To Sergio Benito (and others): . Version 7 in fact crashed twice my Xp (SP3). But 6 works perfectly. Very thanks! Saludos desde Buenos Aires!. Greetings from Buenos Aires!

hoser said...

Where does this program store all the cached images ?

It does not seem to be storing them on the thumb drive where the GE portable is located, I have it set to cache 2GB but the GE folder on the thumb drive is only 96MB

Thanks in advance.

Bernat said...

Please read before asking:
"Cache in temp folder deleted when leaving, if you want to keep cache in portable folder (to use offline) edit GoogleEarthPortable.ini"

If you change false to true (PortableCache=true) cache will be set in GoogleEarthPortable\Cache\

Anon said...

Bernat Google Earth Pro is now for free
could you please make a portable
version of Google Earth Pro in paf/stealth

Here is the official link:




Bugz Wabbit said...

Found bug. The GoogleEarthPro.reg file in Data folder keeps creating duplicate regkeys after starting and exiting app. Reg file keeps growing larger as a result.

Bernat said...

You are right.
Updated launcher.

dungitexpert said...

It's very good. Thanks!

Unknown said...

file needs password to unrar, please inform the password

Bernat said...

No rar, no password.

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