A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

17 May 2013

Unlock files and folders with right click without installation.
Download Portable Unlocker (0.3 MB)

Extract and run UnlockerPortable.
x32 or x64 selected by launcher.
Language set by launcher according User Default Lang: edit UnlockerPortable.ini to change.
Settings of installed Unlocker should be preserved.
Right click on a locked file or folder in explorer.

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GlacialMan said...


Unknown said...

The app behavior is different from last version, I used to run it and then I could unlock any file using its context menu plus I could set UNLOCKER as a startup app from its tray icon. Now I have to run unlocker and navigate to the file I want to unlock and I can't even drag and drop a file, that's kind of unproductive. I wonder why EmptyLoop made this change.

Bernat said...

No change in behavior.

For symmetry with 64 bit (wich have no assistant), launcher run now main exe (start with browse window) but start assistant on 32 bit (tray icon).

In both architecture Unlocker is in explorer context menu while main exe is running (32 bit assistant launched before and killed after).

This is not portable to have assistant on startup: in this case better to install it.

N. Nazzal said...

This app doesn't work on my side for ages, here is what I get on launch...

Bernat said...

What is "Error Debug Privileges"? It means that your Local Security Settings do not allow a Debug Privilege for your profile. Read Microsoft's documentation and set "Debug Programs" rights.

Unknown said...

Can you share the sources? :)

Bernat said...

Installer updated with sources.

Unknown said...

thanks :)

Unknown said...

I think regsvr32 doesn't work on x64 machine.
Try to use this:

Function RegPortableDLL
${If} ${RunningX64}
Exec `"$SYSDIR\rundll32.exe" "${PORTABLEDLL164}" DllRegisterServer`

Function UnRegPortableDLL
${If} ${RunningX64}
Exec `"$SYSDIR\rundll32.exe" "${PORTABLEDLL164}" DllUnregisterServer`

Bernat said...

regsvr32 too work for me on Win8 x64.

NSIS RegDLL and UnRegDLL didn't work for the 64 bit dll.

d4rkw4sh said...

whats is the languageId for spanish

Bernat said...


Unknown said...

I wonder how to change language of the programme in details

Bernat said...

Edit UnlockerPortable.ini with Decimal LCID

Ex for Russian:

qomo said...

Hi Bernat, you're really the savior... this freeware has the latest portable release of v1.9.0 in 2010. Look around the net finally spot on it here :-) Merci Monsieur!

a little note, earlier I did dl the v1.9.2 so i just put it in the same folder as your portable app, and it detected the exe presence and skip further dl upon installation.

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