A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

11 November 2020

Audio grabber for audio CDs without installation.
Download Portable EAC Multiversion Online (0.8 MB) 28/01/20
In first screen enter: 1.6
Extract and run EACPortable.

Edit EACPortable.ini to set External Encoder with Default Settings:
ExternalEncoder=FLAC (1.3.2 included)
ExternalEncoder=Custom to keep personal settings for encoder
ExternalEncoder=LAME (Download and extract lame.exe in App\LAME)
ExternalEncoder=Ogg (Download and extract oggenc2.exe in App\Ogg)
ExternalEncoder=APE (Download and extract MAC.exe in App\APE)

Settings of installed EAC should be preserved.

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garf02 said...

The setting of encoder won't remain saved after exit form EAC.

The reg file EAC.reg is overwritten each time you start EAC, restoring the default settings.

Bernat said...

Edit EACPortable.ini with ExternalEncoder=Custom to keep personal settings for encoder.

Marc Hops said...

Hi Bernat,

CTDB plugin cannot be used with portable EAC, it does not show up in Audio Plugins (EAC -> EAC Options -> Audio Plugins)

Can you do something about that?


Bernat said...

You are right.
There is a bad EAC.exe.manifest in App\EAC\
Delete this file and rename EAC.exe_1.manifest in EAC.exe.manifest

Tested working, if not you have not the required .net Framework.

Marc Hops said...

Thanks, working!

Anonymous said...

I've just used this and it does not save the result from the AccurateRip test. Specifically, when I first run it, I get a prompt asking me to insert a CD in order to detect the read offset. I do that and it completes successfully, allowing me to rip CDs with AccurateRip verification. But when I close the app, it forgets everything about AccurateRip and it asks me to do the process again.

Bernat said...

AccurateRip test is stored in Data\AccurateRip
Tested working.

Kalu said...

Not working on win10 64, access violation error

Bernat said...

Tested working on Windows 10 x64.

Unknown said...

I agree with neatshoe, the AccurateRip results are not saved. The eac.reg files had no entries in the [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Illustrate\dBpowerAMP], where the results are stored. I tried adding it manually and to the real registry, and it just removes it from the eac.reg file, and doesn't help. The key name varies, depending on your drive letter, and name, so maybe the portable app configuration doesn't allow for any drive letter/manufacture/cd drive?

Bernat said...

EAC is NOT dBpowerAMP and store AccurateRip results in *.bin files:


michele.bartolettistella said...

Dear Bernat,

I have the same problem as Mark Hops: CTDB plugin seems faulty, and I can choose Built-in freedb engine as the only option available for a CDDB search-engine.

I checked EAC.exe.manifest, it belongs to the EAC folder but I can't understand if this file is corrupted.

How to behave?

I don't think it's a matter of .NET version, because the issue recurs for different computers, with different versions of Windows. But I could be in error.

Thenk you!

Bernat said...

Thanks for reporting bug (missing PluginHandler dependency in EAC.exe.manifest).
Installer updated with good EAC.exe.manifest and latest encoders.

Rogelio Saunders said...

EAC Portable is not working properly in Windows 10 Creator. The program opens, but some menus are grayed out, so you cannot see what you are doing. I have tried compatibility, open with administrator rights, etc. To no avail. (This have been happening also with other portable apps that worked perfectly inb Windows 7.)

Is there some work around for this?

I Will be grateful for any help.

Bernat said...

Only possibles actions are availables and if you don't insert an audio CD in the selected drive, most of menus are grayed.

Unknown said...

Eac portable is not available. Link is dead?

Bernat said...

Link updated.

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