A portable application can be run from a removable drive (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc) on any Windows computer without installation.
You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

01 March 2017

Bittorrent Client without installation.
Download Portable Azureus 32-64 bit (9.5 MB)
Download Portable Vuze Leap Online (0.6 MB) 26/02/15

Azureus needs Java Runtime Environment Portable or Installed.

Extract and run AzureusPortable or VuzeLeapPortable.exe.
Settings of installed Azureus should be preserved.

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Dear friends at Portableappz
Many thanks for another great application post in your respectful site.
Keep up the great job.
Appreciations from your truly friend,
Esam Al-khanchi

Unknown said...

another thanks to you!

Vladimir said...

Please tell me how to run Azureus on Java Portable ?

Bernat said...

Simply extract both in default folders.

WolvenSpectre said...

After Java's latest automatic update I keep getting "Java Runtime not found".

I have tried
1)Restoring a restore point on Win8.1 to get older versions back. That did not work.
2)Installing a copy of Portable Azureus onto itself in attempt to repair it.
3)Installing a separate copy elsewhere on my computer as a fresh install, same error.
4)Uninstalling and reinstalling a fresh install from a trusted source.

Hopefully you can fix this soon.

Bernat said...

Working for me with Java Portable:


But launcher search installed Java only for 1.6 and 1.7 version.

AzureusPortable.exe updated with 1.8 and 1.9

Replace and try.

WolvenSpectre said...

Thanks for the fix... I am trying now.

WolvenSpectre said...

It is still not working. I have both 32/64bit versions installed and verified.

Also I should add I am running Portable Azureus from folders on my PC and not on a stick or removeable drive.

I have installed the new version on my desktop and in another folder and niether will run. The exact error I am getting is

"Java Runtime Envirorment Portable or Installed not found!"

Bernat said...

In fact the launcher can't detect 64 bit installed Java (no time to fix).

You must use Java portable 64 bit with paths:

Create a PortableApps folder at the root of your drive and let both installers (Azureus and Java) use default paths.

WolvenSpectre said...

Thanks for the help, it is working again. Also thanks for the work maintaining this useful piece of kit.

noobie said...

Same problem here, any step by step guide for dummy.

WolvenSpectre said...

Look at the post above the post above the post before you.

You have to download the portable version of Java on this website.

You make a folder called "PorableApps".

In that folder you put the Portable Java into a folder in PortableApps called "CommonFiles"

You then put a folder with the version of Portable Azureus in a folder under PortableApps.

Then all you have to do is run the Portable Azureus executable and it should find and use the Portable Java automatically.

If you are putting it on a removable drive like a thumbdrive that is going to be used on several computers use the 32 bit version for compatability and remember you have to use the same Portable Java bit version as Portable Azureus.

Once the maintainers fix the problem I was having, you don't need to use Portable Java if the machine you are using it on already has it installed, so you can then put it anywhere you want.

Hope that was helpful.

Bernat said...

Thanks for help.
In this latest version, launcher should detect installed java 64 bit if portable not found in CommonFiles\Java_64 or CommonFiles\Java64 (nsis source line 85-105).

noobie said...

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I'm not using on a removable drive, running 64 bit Win 8.1. Though I backup all my Portable on one.

Uninstall my Java long ago. I already have a Portable Java Common Folder updated through Portableapps.com.

I already have a Portable Vuze from somewhere else, can't remember where.

I extract Azureus 32-64 bit, then copy and paste it in my Portable Vuze. What I usually do for all other Portable.

Everytime I update it I got a couple of error message. So I resist update for sometime now.

"exe4j_java_home environment variable does not point to a working 64-bit jdk or jre"

"the jvm found at exe4j_java_home is damaged. Please reinstall or define exe4j_java_home to point to an installed 64-bit jdk or jre"

"The JVM could not be started. The maximum heap size (-Xmx) might be too large or an antivirus or firmware tool could block the execution."

Current 3 site I got my apps from are Portableapps.com, Jooseng site and my fav now defunct portablexapps.blogspot.com who offer it in .paf format for dummy like me.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Bernat said...

Report your problem on site where you got previous version of Vuze.

Expected paths:

noobie said...

My current vuze show the portableappz.blogspot logo splash when I launch it, so I guess its from this site.

Bernat said...

"I extract Azureus 32-64 bit, then copy and paste it in my Portable Vuze"
If you change paths I can't nothing for you:
For Azureus let:
and Java 64 bit:
(you can change in X:\PortableApps\CommonFiles\Java64)

Srinivas Jyotula said...

Good Morning Everyone,

I have downloaded both java & vuze Portable in to a specific folder.
Now please guide me how to run the same.

Thanks & regards,

Srinivas Jyotula

Bernat said...

Create a PortableApps folder at the root of your drive and let both installers (Azureus and Java) use default paths.

Unknown said...

It works well with newer java8 portable even with custom paths (respecting the folder structure \common files\java_x64 its however mandatory for java).

Only minor issues:
- old interface in vuze seems to be not working (no changes at all)
- vuze settings are became in fullscreen after change interface view
- launcher must be used (you cannot use x64 .exe for launch vuze)
- seems impossible to set file associations for the portable.

Unknown said...

Hi, where is the download link for Java Portable?

Bernat said...

Click on Portable !

dragon said...

Can you update the newest version of vuze,the new version is Vuze Thanks!!

Bernat said...

Sorry, I can't.

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