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You will carry the program with settings on removable drive and don't modify settings on host computer.
On Vista and above turn off User Account Control (UAC) or run launcher as admin.

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12 July 2017

A new browser for our friends without installation.

Download Portable Vivaldi snapshot Online (0.8 MB) 25/06/17
In first screen enter: 1.11.915.3
Download Portable Vivaldi stable Online (0.8 MB) 25/06/17
In first screen enter: 1.10.867.48 or 1.0.435.46 for XP/Vista
PPAPI Flash Plugins

Extract and run VivaldiPortable or VivaldiSnapshotPortable (stable and snapshot have their own folders and settings).
Settings of installed Vivaldi should be preserved.

31 commentaires:

Alexandra said...

Forgive me dear Bernat kindly you can make available the update of the Vivaldi the Snapshot version just released?
tnks in advance
best regards

Bernat said...

Thanks for update.
Installer updated: they changed vivaldi to Vivaldi in download link.

Marcelo.ar said...

With new installer (15/02/2015) on every Portable Vivaldi start, bookmarks are deleted by launcher and replaced by default.
Previous online installer does not have this problem.

(Post should be updated, latest Vivaldi snapshot is

Bernat said...

You are right.
Launcher updated in new installer.
Do you know a RSS feed to be notified when update?

teeo said...


Bernat said...

Thanks teeo.
Added in my Smart RSS.

teeo said...

Vivaldi is not stable yet.
1.0.344.37 is beta 2.

Bernat said...

Download link is:
Stable don't means final.

Lucius said...

When run Vivaldi, one folder is generated on ....user/Local (folder user data)
Please check and update vivaldiportable.exe....

Bernat said...


Lucius said...

Thanks you!

000000 said...

PPAPI Flash Plugin NOT WORK! how to load manually

Bernat said...


BYEDUS said...

I could make it work. Thank you...
Pude hacerlo funcionar. Gracias...

Vangelis said...

Hello Bernat, many thanks for your portable edition of Vivaldi!
While I do have a request, I do not consider it a "useless" comment,
so please bear with me :-)
Can you make a custom launcher (VivaldiPortable.exe) that would load
the PPAPI Flash from within the VivaldiPortable installation, e.g.
from inside Vivaldi's profile:
(or a launcher that would let us specify a relative PPAPI path
in VivaldiPortable.ini) ?
I would like to be able to carry PPAPI inside "VivaldiPortable" folder,
much like Google Chrome does or like FirefoxPortable does (NPAPI in that case)
in the PA.com version.

It is not always possible/desirable to respect the folder hierarchy:
that is needed for PPAPI to be loaded currently...
For instance, I had hoped to install both stable/snapshot Vivaldi like this:
and while it is doable and both versions work fine,
Flash is not loaded due to launcher's hard-coded requirement :-(

The way to make it work with current launcher is:
however I'd like you kindly consider my suggestion :-)

Your extra hard efforts in maintainiing all those apps
and being always the first to post new updates for them
is greatly appreciated on my part!

Toutes mes félicitations les plus chaleureuses!

Bernat said...

The way you use is the best and have no inconvenient.
It's a bad usage of a drive to copy the same file in several locations.

elio said...

on Portable Vivaldi stable Online, MSE detects this malwere: Trojan: "Win32/Pocyx.C!cl" , alert level: severe.
is this a false positive?

Bernat said...

Of course! Sources in Other.

Andrew said...

VivaldiPortable.exe require admin rights in Windows 7. Is it so nesessary? Can Vivaldi execute without admin rights?

Bernat said...

Try (bypass advertise on registry).

Little Boy said...

How to create multiple profiles with vivaldi portable....thanksx in advanced.....by the way any also uses chrome variants such srware iron/slimjet/vivaldi portable + Free Download Manager FDM? If so how to integrate FDM with iron/slimjet/vivaldi portable..? I know for firefox portable there is separate button but nothing for chrome...fdm forum says to drop npfdm.dll to plugins folder......MY QUESTION IS where is the plugins folder for vivaldi and slimjet portable ?
Thanks in advanced

Bernat said...

You can rename Data folder to backup a profile.
To use a download manager with a browser I right on the link then copy link...

equinoxnet said...

1) Can VivaldiPortable.exe execute without admin rights?
2) Vivaldi resets extensions when profile moved between machines. Can you fix that?

Bernat said...

1) Try CheckRegWrite=false in VivaldiPortable.ini
2) No

equinoxnet said...

>> 1) Try CheckRegWrite=false in VivaldiPortable.ini
Unfortunately, that didn't work for me.

>> 2) No
It's a pity. This is a common Chromium-based issue.

BYEDUS said...

En algún momento se pierde la configuración guardada y arranca de cero.
At some point you lose the saved configuration and start from scratch.

Bernat said...

At some point?

GenChick said...

When trying to install Vivaldi 1.0.435.46 I received an error “ Vivaldi 1.0.435.46.exe not found in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop and download: SendRequest Error”
What should I do now?

Bernat said...

Try to download Vivaldi.1.0.435.46.exe (37.01 MB) with your browser in same folder as installer (C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop) and run it again.

Olav Jensen said...

Using latest Vivaldi (same on stable and snapshot)
A folder is created in the user/AppData/Local/Vivaldi
The folder is empty, but is it possible to not make any folder on computer when using Vivaldi portable?

Bernat said...


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